Fitness Training Services at Fit 'N' Well Inc.: Weight Loss


At Fit 'N' Well we use the same method of weight loss that Greg used (and still uses today) when he conquered (and maintains) his own weight problems. A healthy program combining moderate (but regular) exercise and nutritionally sound eating habits will help you reach your goals. 

Picture of healthy foods, fruits and vegetables.


A large portion of the program is education. Many people work very hard at losing weight. Unfortunately the methods that they choose often result in short term weight loss followed by a slower metabolism and inevitably weight gain (typical yo-yo dieting). At Fit 'N' Well we will teach you the basic principles of weight loss and strategies to not only lose weight, but lose weight by eating healthy foods that you enjoy. You will use these basic principles on a daily basis for the rest of your life. 

Many of our weight loss clients see us at the Terrace Fitness and Racquet Club. This club is located in the Radisson Hotel South. It is not very busy like the larger chain gyms so our clients feel really comfortable working out there. They have heated underground parking and you don't have to line up for equipment.