Client Tools

Below are tools that may be downloaded for your convenience to assist you with your exercise program. 

Fit N Well Weight Loss Tracker- The purpose of the weight loss tracker is to track how many inches and how much weight you lose on a monthly basis. 

Once a month, just enter in your measurements and weight as described in the weight loss tracker. It will automatically tally and graph your measurements and weight loss from day one. When you see your results on a graph and chart it's motivating and helps stay you on track. 

Click on the weight loss tracker sample first to see actual results from a Fit N Well client. Familiarize yourself with how the program works, then download the Weight Loss Tracker to your computer. Use it to enter in your information and begin tracking your results. 

Weight Loss Tracker Sample 

Client Tools- Below are additional tools that you may use to help you with your exercise program. 

Workout Sheets 

Measurement Sheet 

Measurement Sheet II 

Goals Sheet 

Client Forms- Par-Q- Everyone must fill out this form before any training sessions commence with a personal trainer. 

These forms may be required to be filled out by you or your doctor before you begin your exercise program. We will let you know which forms we will need to have filled out. 

PAR med-X- Must be filled out by your doctor before you begin an exercise program if you have a health issue that may be made worse by a change in your physical activity. (We will let you know if this form is necessary)