Fitness Training Services at Fit 'N' Well Inc.: In Home Personal Training Information

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Not everyone has time to go to a gym or feels comfortable in a gym setting. At Fit 'N' Well Personal Training Inc, our personal trainers will come out to your home to set up a personalized fitness program for you that you can do in the privacy and convenience of your own home. 

Fit 'N' Well personal training client exercising at home.


Whether you need us to come out to your home once a month just to change your program or once a week to keep you on track or 3-5 times per week for more support, just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you to meet your needs.  

Morning Work Outs- Many of our clients see us before work. They have a small bite to eat half an hour before their trainer arrives. They work out for an hour, then shower, have breakfast and go to work.  

Fit 'N' Well personal training client at working out with a TRX system.


Evening Work Outs- After working eight or ten hours at work, then running errands it is common not to want to leave your house to work out. No problem, we'll bring the work out to you. Come home, have supper, relax for an hour, then your trainer shows up. You work out for an hour, and you didn't have to work up the motivation to leave the house. 

Equipment: It is important to us that you purchase the right equipment for your needs. For our regular clients we will assess your family's fitness needs, then we take you shopping to ensure you buy the equipment that will best suit your needs. In 1998 Fit 'N' Well partnered with Physique Fitness. They have a great fitness selection, they are continually updating their stock to keep current and offer reasonable pricing. We work together to ensure that Fit 'N' Well clients get great service. 

If you don't have fitness equipment that you enjoy using, you probably won't exercise as much. If you don't exercise, you won't need our help. It isn't a secret that people who don't exercise, don't hire personal trainers :)