Philosophy: Free Consultation

We offer a free, no obligatory consultation to everyone before they begin working with their Fit 'N' Well Personal Trainer. During this consultation we: 

-> Introduce you to our company and our philosophies. 

->Show you around the gym (if you are going to be working out at a gym). If you are going to be working out at home, we need to take a peak at your equipment so we know what we will be working with. If you don't own any equipment, it is amazing what you can do with an exercise ball and a couple dumbbells. 

->Answer any questions you may have about exercise and nutrition. 

->Offer advice on the best route to take to reach your fitness goals. 

->If you are interested in hiring us, we will spend a few minutes during the consultation to fill out paperwork so that we can spend your entire first session on your new exercise program. 

Most importantly, your consultation is a time for us to break the ice. Before we can design your program for you we have to know what your needs and goals are and any health considerations you may have. This consultation gives us a chance to gather that information and then prepare for your first session.