Philosophy: Fitness Training Philosophies

Exercise And Tracking Results: We work with everyone on an individual basis. We will not compare you to other people of your age group using outdated 30 year old standard fitness tests that are commonly used throughout the fitness industry.  

We believe in measuring success by encouraging our weight loss clients to take monthly measurements with a measuring tape. We are also interested in what the scale says, but we are much more interested in what the measuring tape indicates.  

If you come from a sedentary background we can ease you into exercise in an enjoyable fashion. We don't believe in fitness tests/work outs that have you working to your maximum on the first day, so you can discover just how out of shape you are. It is not our desire to have you so sore that you can't get out of bed the next day. 

People are as unique and different as snowflakes and to compare people with one another is like comparing finger prints or DNA. Everyone's genetic make up is unique and different as are their health and fitness goals and any health conditions that they may have. You too should be treated as an individual person with unique needs and goals. 

Picture of healthy foods, fruits and vegetables.


Eating Habits: Eat whole foods and limit anything man-made or processed. You don't need to learn how to read labels. There are no labels on fruit or vegetables. You only need to start eating foods without labels.