Fitness Training Services at Fit 'N' Well Inc.: Power Half Hour Personal Training

At Fit 'N' Well, we are once again changing the face of personal training. We are now offering power half hour personal training sessions. The objective of these sessions are to keep our clients' heart rates up for 30 consecutive minutes, offering a challenging work out that is done more frequently than most personal training clients see their trainers; thus increasing the results. 

Benefits of power half hour personal training: 

Effective 30 minute personal training sessions that combine strength training and cardiovascular work outs by super-setting the strength training routine. 

Clients can work out on their lunch break and be back to work within the hour. 

Increase effectiveness and results by increasing the frequency and intensity that you see your personal trainer without necessarily increasing the cost of seeing your trainer. 

30 minute personal training sessions also work especially well for people who feel that they aren't in good enough physical condition to work out for an hour. If this is you, 30 minutes, three times per week may be just perfect for you. 

How does it work? 

At Fit 'N' Well we are now offering 30 minute personal training sessions at the Terrace Fitness and Racquet Club, the Scotia Place Fitness Centre or the EPCOR Tower Fitness Centre. (Only members of the Scotia Place towers may see their trainer at the Scotia Place Fitness Centre) 

Order as many sessions as you like. 

Book up to five 30 minute sessions a week. 

Sessions are based on trainer availability. 

Power Half-Hour Personal Training Packages: